Oneworld Alaska Airlines and American Airlines ALL hub Airports and Destinations

Adin Drabkin
2 min readJul 16, 2020


UPDATE 7/16/2020: American Airlines just announced a partnership with Jetblue, making the Oneworld Alliance even more valuable for domestic travelers.

With the news of Alaska Airlines planning to join forces with American Airlines in the Oneworld Alliance as soon as the end of 2020, it may be time to reconsider what airline alliance you choose based on their hub airports, especially if you are a domestic traveler.

It is said to be quite difficult to redeem American Airlines miles on international Oneworld partners, however, the amount of domestic hubs may outweigh that difficulty for frequent domestic travelers.

I’ve included two maps: hubs for American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and both, and another of the hubs + all domestic 48 state destinations of American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and both.

Here is a photo of their hubs, not including ANC (Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in Alaska)

All Oneworld Hubs in the United States (Alaska Airlines and American Airlines)

Here is a photo of all locations served (by both airlines, JUST Alaska Airlines, and JUST American Airlines)

All Destinations in the United States (Alaska Airlines and American Airlines)

The full list of hubs and destinations for American Airlines and Alaska Airlines can be seen on the map itself:

Here is a direct link to the map:

Note: these are pre-covid destinations, and there may be slight inaccuracies.